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Ahhhh. I just got new incense sticks yesterday and I’ve been using them all day today. They smell so wonderfully. I forgot how relaxing they are too. Living in the school dorm room deprived me of these things, but no more!

I snapped a photo of my incense holder with my phone today because I missed it so much. I’m also enamored with the way smoke flows from the stick, it’s so hypnotizing. Sorry for the poor quality photo. =/ The only camera I have is my phone, and the lighting in my room is terrible because of how dark my walls are. Hahah. Regardless, I just wanted to share this. TuT I’m so in love with this holder as well as incense sticks in general, I hope you all appreciate it too.

Aromatherapy is the best. <3

(My dagger and its holder sneaked into the picture too. Heehee. x3 )

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